We are a community of Feminine Badasses ready to change the world.


As women we have been conditioned to believe that we are only meant to use our physicality to conform to beauty standards, take up as little space as possible, and to be nice.  A feminine badass is a woman who transcends these norms and stands in her divine feminine with strength, grace, ferocity, and beauty.


Some of the most powerful tools to connect us to our inner feminine baddassery is through movement that fosters confidence, competence, and capability, surrounding yourself with other powerful Goddesses, and communing with Mother Earth. 




Abby Corriveau, creator of the Feminine Badass community is determined to transcend the fitness norms and show women how they can too. 

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Are you ready to unleash your feminine badassery? Learn how you can untame your inner Goddess through actionable steps with Abby's insights, coaching, and salons. 

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